How Do Central Air Conditioning Units Run, and How Much Do They Cost?

Published: 31st March 2006
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How do you find a good central air conditioning system? The way

that central air conditioners are rated is according to their

seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER). The seer is a

calculation of the cooling output divided by the power input,

which brings up an approximate climate average. Therefore, the

higher the seer the better the central air conditioner you will

be getting.

What is a good seer number to base on? Many older air

conditioners are going to have a number around six or seven.

However, new standards that will be in effect in 2006 will set

the seer requirement at 13, which is an improvement of 30% from

what it currently is at 10.

What a central air conditioner is doing is cooling and

dehumidifying the air. What the system uses to accomplish this

is a condenser, evaporator coil, and refrigerant piping to

operate. The central air conditioner has a couple different

kinds of units, a split system and a packaged central air


A split system has an actual split system, meaning there is a

separation between the condenser and evaporator. The condenser

and compressor are in a cabinet outside the house, as the

evaporator is in its own cabinet inside. As hot air is removed

and transported to an evaporator coil as a warm liquid, the

expansion of the liquid causes it to cool, thus cooling the air.

If your home has a furnace but no air conditioner, then this is

the way to go.

Another type of central air conditioning unit is a packaged

central air conditioner. With this system, the condenser,

compressor, and evaporator are all in one cabinet placed on the

roof or next to the house. This kind of air conditioner often

includes electric heating coils or a natural gas furnace. This

type of unit eliminates the need for a separate furnace indoors

as the air conditioner and central heater are combined.

The price of getting a central air conditioning unit varies like

everything in life from company to company. Some of the

determining factors include whether you're getting a 2 Ton

system through 5 Ton system, if you need the compressor

installed on your roof, and where you live. A base price for a

2 Ton system without it being installed on the roof is going to

run around $2700. A good site to check out prices for a central

air conditioner is listed below:

If you are looking to upgrade your air conditioner, or get one

put in your home for a first time, there are plenty of places

you can go to look. The good thing about central air

conditioning is that it is quiet and environmentally friendly.

In order to find what kind of air conditioner is best for you,

it is smart to contact a professional. The article link below

discusses certain characteristics to look for to find a quality


If you are replacing an air conditioner, you're going to have to

match the size of the previous one to make sure the unit is not

to big and not too small. To get more quotes to find the best

air conditioner for you, check out the site below:

Central air conditioning is going to be more efficient than room

air conditioners. As stated above, they are out of the way

creating a quiet environment, and they are good for the

environment. If you are hoping to save some money, it is

recommended that you buy an energy-efficient air conditioner.

This will reduce the energy that is being used by your central

air conditioner, thus lowering your electricity bill.

There are several different routes that can be taken when

considering whether you want a room air conditioner or central

air conditioner, what kind of central air conditioning unit, and

where to buy from. That is why research and getting quotes from

many places is recommended to ensure that you get the unit for

you at a reasonable price.

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